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About Us

We Build for People

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What we do?

Curenta is a health-tech company that provides an ecosystem of integrated tools and services for long-term care facilities. This helps streamline their workflow, save time, and reduce costs significantly.

Our Mission

Reimagining what a pharmacy could offer!

Curenta is a digital health-tech startup and pharmacy that was founded in 2021. It is focused on revolutionizing the medication delivery process in hospice and long-term care to improve patient outcomes.

We have experienced significant growth since its launch, delivering over 90,000 On-Demand orders within a span of 2 years across 6 counties and covering a radius of 150 miles, starting with its primary store in Laguna Hills, CA.

At first, Curenta provided services only to Hospices, but later on included various healthcare facilities like Assisted Living Facilities, Post-Acute Nursing Homes, Home Health services, and Treatment Centers with nurse supervision.

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