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Sync Medication Records, Receive Real-time Pharmacy Updates, and more!

Introducing CureMAR

CureMAR is a software solution specifically created for senior living facilities. It offers nursing teams immediate access to essential information, streamlining operations, eliminating the need for manual work, and reducing medication errors.

Integrated eMAR Platform, Fully Connected to a Digital LTC Pharmacy Network

Our solution empowers senior living facilities with seamless synchronization of medication records to our partnered pharmacy network, minimizing errors and maximizing operational efficiency.

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Connected Ordering Tool with CureMAR

Our solution doesn't only eliminate phone calls and faxes, but it also provides a user-friendly ordering platform connected to pharmacies, saving your facility time, money, and effort!

Instant Updates from Pharmacy Providers

Operational optimization won't happen without a fast feedback mechanism to keep your staff on top of things. CureMAR makes it possible to get pharmacy updates in real-time.

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Interested in Learning More?

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