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Better Technology. Better Pricing!

By using advanced technology, we have successfully reduced operational costs, and now we want to pass it on to you through our new unbeatable pricing models.


Integrate your Hospice EMR with our AI Bot

This is an opportunity to revolutionize the way you manage patient care. No more double data entry, no more headaches. Just one platform to rule them all. Instead of double work with any other pharmacy, all you have to do is place the order on our portal and it’ll be saved in your Hospice EMR.

Choose the model that works for you...

Credit Card


$165 per Patient per Month

Pay as you go (Fee For Service) model with a monthly invoice cap of $165 per patient. This offer gives you the opportunity to add more patients while still being charged the same $165. 


$150 per Patient per Month

In case of using Curenta as the sole provider, the maximum amount to be charged is $150 per patient per month, anything above will not be charged.

There is no ceiling to how many patients you can add to this offer!


$135 per Patient per Month

If you pay by Credit Card on a bi-weekly basis, you'll get everything in offer number 2 plus:

  • 10% off dropping the price to $135 per patient per month

  • 1 free STAT delivery per patient per month.

Coming Soon

DEA accreditation to certify our system as Electronic Prescribing Control Substances platform (EPCS).

We are thrilled to announce that we're in the process of getting DEA accreditation to certify our system as an Electronic Prescribing Control Substances platform (EPCS). This will be the kiss of death to faxing back-and-forth between the pharmacy, prescribers, and hospice team. This game changer will eliminate all of your exemption form headaches. Once it’s active, prescribers can sign from their smartphones on orders created by their nurses at the hospices. No more delays in getting your documents up-to-date. And the best part, you’ll be compliant at any point in time. Stay tuned!

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